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Opportunity profile: Residential fellowships broaden the mind

Germany’s Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg offers fellowships to researchers across a range of fields, at any level

Top tips

  • The Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg’s fellowships are open to applications across the themes of earth, brain, society and energy
  • Academic excellence is the primary criterion for assessing applications, but reviewers also like to see innovative research design
  • Apply with a particular project in mind, but this can be the continuation of something you are already working on
  • Interdisciplinarity is encouraged, so use the fellowship to forge connections with other fields.
  • Many fellows stay at the HWK while collaborating with nearby universities, so investigate whether you can develop regional contacts

The HWK, in the northwest German city of Delmenhorst, is one of the country’s three Institutes for Advanced Study. The HWK has a yearly call for both junior and senior fellowships, with the 2020 call closing on 15 July.

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