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My winning proposal: The equipment grant that wasn’t

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Grants are not only about getting your hands on new kit

Top tips

  • Resource Only Strategic Equipment Grants are little-known awards that support improving access to existing equipment.
  • Like all strategic grants, building consensus among partners is a key part of the process.
  • That also applies when drafting the bid. There will be a lot that has to get left out of the summary.
  • Dialogue with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council before bidding is essential for resource-only grants and is highly recommended early on before any kind of strategic grant bid.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s Strategic Equipment Grants are well known as the council’s mechanism for researchers to buy research instruments or facilities costing more than £400,000. Less well known are the Resource Only Strategic Equipment Grants, which are intended to increase access and maximise the value of existing equipment. Applications must be invited by the relevant EPSRC theme lead, so potential applicants must discuss any ideas with the council before bidding. There are usually several deadlines per year with the next on 7 December.

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