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Southern Africa and Europe team up on coronavirus innovation

Funding call is a collaboration between Southern Africa, the European Union and Germany

Southern African and European partners have launched a call to support the development of Covid-19 interventions in Africa.

The call, announced on 5 August, is a collaboration between the Southern African Development Community, the European Union and Germany.

It will fund projects of €50,000-€100,000 (US$59,000-US$118,000) for businesses, and €100,000-€200,000 for non-profit organisations. Only research organisations and businesses based in the SADC region are eligible.

Research or innovation projects should address personal protective equipment, sanitisers or disinfectants, ventilators or other equipment, and pharmaceutical innovations for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19.

While the official coronavirus burden for the region is low overall, South Africa has the fifth highest number of recorded cases in the world.

Applications close on 24 August.