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Library group launches strategy for strengthening repositories


Strategy seeks to address Europe’s varying levels of support and funding across its repository landscape

A group of European research library and open-access organisations is launching a joint strategy to strengthen Europe’s network of repositories—online platforms for depositing and reading open-access versions of research papers.

The strategy will seek to address “significant variations across the European repository landscape with differing levels of support and funding”, the Association of European Research Libraries (Liber) announced on 18 January.

Liber is developing the strategy with the open-access advocacy groups Sparc Europe and OpenAire, along with the Confederation of Open Access Repositories, which represents over 150 members globally.

“For Europe to maintain its position as a global leader in open science, we must ensure there is a strong and sustainable network of open repositories,” Liber said.

The group said it will carry out a survey, which will be available in February, to better understand the current repository landscape and identify priority areas of action.