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Lab offers free advice on Covid-19 tech

Amber will give consultation to companies making gadgets to beat coronavirus

The Amber research laboratory has opened up a free consultancy service in support of companies or medical institutions that are attempting to develop technologies in the fight against Covid-19.

Trinity-based Amber, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research, will run the service in conjunction with Trinity’s research and innovation Consult unit to help bring discoveries into service as quickly as possible.

Details of how the consultancy will work were described in a statement issued by Amber on 27 May. The organisation will make scientific expertise available to companies and medical institutions as a free consultancy service.

Companies that face scientific challenges as they develop devices and technologies relevant to Covid-19 can ask Amber to deliver a consultancy report, showing the best way to overcome these challenges. 

Amber develops novel materials that can be used in areas such as infection control, medical diagnostics, manufacturing and materials for medical devices.

To access the service, companies should complete an online form that outlines their problem, and the centre will deliver feedback within two working days. Interested companies will sign a contract agreement, and a consultancy report on the problem will be delivered within 10 days, Amber said.