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Italy extends research deadlines as Covid-19 takes hold

Image: Marco Zeppatella, European Commission

Research minister Gaetano Manfredi reassures researchers over impact of Covid-19 on their work

Italy’s minister for universities and research Gaetano Manfredi has told Research Professional News that all funding deadlines in Italy “will be postponed until the end of the emergency” while the country is placed in lockdown due to Covid-19.

Manfredi (pictured) said Italian researchers who currently hold grants will “certainly” be able to extend the timeline of their projects.

The reassurance comes after Italy introduced even stricter measures to control the coronavirus on 11 March, including the nationwide closure of shops and restaurants. Italy currently has over 12,000 cases with over 800 deaths. While university courses have been suspended across Italy, institutions remain open for research and administrative activities.

The Italian university rectors’ association CRUI told Research Professional News that it is helping its members transition as many courses as possible to e-learning platforms.

“In many cases universities are a kind of “back to normal”. “As normal as it can be, obviously,” said a spokesperson.