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EU launches gender equality award for academic organisations


Four winners in various categories will each be awarded €100,000

The European Commission has launched a new prize scheme recognising academic organisations that have made significant progress in developing or implementing gender equality measures.

The prize is intended to encourage the development of gender equality plans and policies. Such plans are now a requirement for many kinds of organisations applying for funding from the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

“We want to acknowledge and celebrate the universities and research organisations that have demonstrated outstanding commitment in promoting gender equality through institutional change,” said EU research and innovation commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

The prize scheme is split into three categories: organisations that have developed the most innovative, inclusive plans; organisations that have recently started implementing plans and made the most progress; and organisations that have made significant and sustained progress. 

Each category winner will receive €100,000. Four prizes will be awarded in total, with two winners for the sustained progress category.

Applications are open to higher education establishments and research organisations in EU member states and countries associated to Horizon Europe. The deadline to apply for the first edition of the prize scheme is 13 October.